How we do it
NEXT 11’s model enables us to work in a way which differentiates us from our competitors and provide a truly unique offering for our clients.

NEXT 11 Adopts a Truly Private Sector Philosophy.
Regardless of the questions in hand, NEXT 11 provides clients with a truly “business-driven” view of their issues. We believe this is the best approach to achieve both investment and development goals.

NEXT 11 Applies a Proven Business Consulting Methodology.
We use international best practice methodology, to address the problems of individual businesses and their environment in developing economies. Our efficiently structured case teams take a fact-based, hypothesis-driven approach. The advice we provide is practical and crafted to deliver measurable impact for our clients’ business and development projects.


NEXT 11 Lives Where You Work.
Because we live in the countries where we work we are invested in the success of these economies. We bring our international experience to bear on a local environment that we are an integral part of and deeply care about.

NEXT 11 Maximises Strong Local Knowledge and Relationships.
Our investment and consulting work is rooted in a strong understanding of the local business environment and our networks within it, and thus in the particular opportunities and challenges that it presents.

NEXT 11 Stays Engaged.
Being permanently in-country, NEXT 11 is able to stay engaged to support implementation of recommendations, transfer of knowledge and close support to investees as required.

NEXT 11 Works As Long-Term Trusted Advisors to our Clients.
We seek to work through close relationships between our clients and our senior team, to assist in addressing clients’ most pressing strategic issues. We deliver outstanding service and invest in maintaining long-term relationships by treating our clients as our colleagues and our partners. Our record of service is evident in the 90% of clients that have re-engaged us.